Current FMV Inventory
Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck built by Oshkosh consisting of an MK48 drive unit and MK14 20' cargo platform. The HEMTT is powered by a 450hp 8V92 Detroit diesel, driving an Allison 5-speed automatic with a Hi/Lo transfer case.

Sometimes referred to as the "Dragon Wagon", the HEMTT was designed for 20T transport on solid roadways and 12-1/2T offroad with 60% grade climbing and 5' fording capability.
Light Medium and Medium Tactical Vehicle built by Stewart & Stevenson. M1083 6X6 5Ton and M1078 4X4 2.5T with Caterpillar 6-cylinder turbo diesel, Allison 7-speed automatic transmission with electronic front/rear torque control, ABS, Central Tire Inflation System, 395/85R20 tires, fold-down/removable bed sides and tailgate. Optionally outfitted with troop seats, bed canopy, and ladder.
Built by Stewart & Stevenson and others as a compliment to the LMTV vehicle family. Duece & a half capacity with air- over-hydraulic brakes and Central Tire Inflation System capable. Fold-down/removable bed sides and tailgate. Optionally outfitted with bed canopy and ladder.